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…because it’s time commercial property investors had an advantage too…

Why do investors choose commercial property?

Commercial real estate investing can be a minefield for the unwary, however commercial property returns the highest cash flow in real estate in Australia. One of the attractive features of commercial property is the fact that yields (cash flow) are much higher compared to residential property, and in most cases, the asset can pay itself off 100% in approximately 10 years.

No residential investment property can do that.


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ZUVO Commercial is a completely independent Buyer’s Agency that sources commercial properties specific to client’s needs.

What is a Commercial Buyer’s Agent?

A commercial property buyer’s agent is a licensed professional who specialises in sourcing commercial property specific to a client’s individual goals and needs. They assist with researching, sourcing, evaluating, and negotiating the purchase of commercial real estate for the buyer.

The key benefits of using a Buyer’s Agent are:

  • Manage/minimise your portfolio risk.
  • We perform all the necessary due diligence.
  • Get access to hard to find off-market & pre-market commercial property.
  • Enable the buyer to make an informed decision on where to invest to maximise returns.
  • Shows the buyers the best asset class to invest in for their strategy and portfolio.
  • Manage the entire buying process guiding you every step of the way.

Basically, we do all the on-the-ground leg work for you from start to finish.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you are wanting to add to your portfolio, ZUVO Commercial can help you achieve your goals.

ZUVO is not a Commercial Real Estate Agency that sells property and hence we don’t have stock lists with ready-to-go commercial properties for sale.

We are not part of any franchise or conglomerate real estate agency, developer or marketer. ZUVO Commercial is a completely independent buyer’s agency that sources commercial properties specific to client’s needs.

Because every investor is different, and requirements vary considerably, when we are engaged to find a specific commercial property for a client, we have only their strategy, requirements and goals in mind.

Most listing that you see on commercial real estate portals show properties that don’t suit many investors. That’s why we rely on our network of contacts to source those ‘golden egg’ deals that you will never see advertised on these portals. Most of these good deals are off market or pre-market but you need to also be wary that only 1 in 10 off-market/pre-market properties that we get offered to us are suitable for our client’s objectives.

Just because a property is offered as an off market, does not guarantee that it will be any good or suit your needs.

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